Abraham Ozler Release Date, Cast, Story Movie Review

Abraham Ozler Release Date: The Most Awaited Malayalam Crime Thriller of 2024 – Abraham Ozler come January 11, 2024, and Malayalam movie buffs are in for a thrilling treat with the release of Abraham Ozler.

Directed by the talented Midhun Manuel Thomas, this crime thriller has already created quite a buzz. As per reports, over 10,500 people have already shown interest in this movie. No wonder, with its gripping trailer and a stellar star cast, Abraham Ozler is set to rule the box office.

Movie NameAbraham Ozler
Release Date11 January 2024
Runtime144 minutes
GenreCrime, Thriller, Drama
Interested10,500 people
StatusReleasing on Jan 11, 2024

What is The Story of Abraham Ozler?

Abraham Ozler revolves around the life of a veteran cop Ozler, played by renowned actor Jayaram. The story follows Inspector Ozler as he takes up a serial killer case that leads him to uncover some dark secrets.

During this quest for truth, the movie is expected to offer a deep dive into Ozler’s professional as well as personal life. If the trailer is anything to go by, audiences are set for an absolutely thrilling ride.

Who are the Lead Actors in Abraham Ozler?

Jayaram as Inspector Abraham Ozler is the protagonist of the film. Other prominent actors in key roles include:

  • Arjun Ashokan
  • Jagadish
  • Senthil Krishna
  • Anaswara Rajan
  • Anoop Menon
  • Arjun Nandakumar

This ensemble star cast is sure to deliver powerful performances.

Alongside lead actor Jayaram, the film also stars Arjun Ashokan, Jagadish, Senthil Krishna, Anaswara Rajan, Anoop Menon and Arjun Nandakumar in pivotal roles.

With a stellar star cast and the director’s knack for storytelling, Abraham Ozler is one of the most keenly awaited Malayalam movies releasing this year.  

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Who is Behind the Scenes of this Highly Anticipated Movie?

Helmed by director Midhun Manuel Thomas, Abraham Ozler also has Thomas collaborating on the script and production along with playback singer Midhun Mukundan scoring the music.

Cinematography is by Theni Easwar while the editing is done by renowned editor Shameer Muhammed. This technicallly brilliant team will undoubtedly weave together a masterpiece that keeps audiences hooked till the climax.

What is the Running Time and Censor Rating?

Abraham Ozler is 144 minutes long with a UA censor certificate from the review board. This means while there is no adult content, parental guidance for minors is recommended due to certain potentially frightening or violent scenes.

Where to Watch Abraham Ozler Online? Streaming Details!

While Abraham Ozler releases in cinema halls on January 11, 2024, it will also be available on popular OTT platforms shortly after, once the theatrical run is over.

OTT release is expected to take place 6-8 weeks from movie release date. So for those asking “where can I watch Abraham Ozler online?” – hang on for just a little while after its grand premiere.

Stay tuned to this space for Abraham Ozler streaming details on Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or other platforms.

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